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Do you sing in the shower, at the match

or driving in the car when no one is listening?

Do you hum along to songs you like?

Are you jealous of the crowd in the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff?

Come to a practice, listen to us and have a go.

Come and Join Us!

1st Tenors 2nd Tenors 1st Bass 2nd Bass Accompanist Conductor Soloists President Chairman Committee Supporters

It’s fun, its uplifting, it can be very very funny, it’s good for the body and the soul and there is always a good pint afterwards!

Nervous, don’t think you can or would make a fool of yourself, never sung with others before, been told at school that you can’t sing, can’t read music? Most of us started that way. Michael Ball, Elvis and the Beatles couldn’t read music and they seem to have done OK. In other words it’s no problem for us or you. Even if you think you can’t hold a tune but would like to try, we’ll put you beside someone who can and you will be surprised at the result.

A Male Voice Choir is made up of four parts, First Tenors (T1’s) (highest range), Second Tenors (T2’s), Baritones or first Basses (B1’s) and the depths in the cellar department; the Barry White’s of this world, Second Basses (B2’s). Sometimes we all sing the same tune together but when we divide and sing in harmony with richness and power, it reaches deep into the soul. We have vacancies in all parts as we want to expand our numbers to undreamt of heights! Don’t worry, we’ll work out where you fit in.

If you want to try us out for a no commitment taster session ring or text Graham on 07715 077437, or email

We meet at 7.30pm on most Wednesday evenings at The Town Hall, Kendal, LA9 4DL and thereafter at the Shakespeare.

Singing is an amazingly satisfying, uplifting, worthwhile and healthy hobby

… and its great fun; that’s why we do it!